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Viewers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Articles/PDFs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

VA RACES—Documents pointed to here have been made available with the permission of VA ARES via Ed Harris, K4SKY. The VA site has many interesting and useful articles in the two site links listed below. The three Word docs are listed here with permission.

                      Operation Guides  [web]
                      Technical Refs   [web]

                      Getting the Most from Your HTVA ARES tips for HT use Tips on improving HT antenna & battery performance; Ed Harris, KE4SKY. 2 pages  [MS Word]
                      Simplex OperationVA Simplex Operation tipsMore suggestions and tips for simplex operating and HT use from VA ARES. 3 pages  [MS Word
                      Personal PreparednessVA ARES Personal PreparednessSuggestions on preparing go-kits and other personal preparedness tips; Ed Harris, KE4SKY. 9 pages  [MS Word]
                      EmComm Intro  Pat Lambert/W0IPL, Colorado [6 pgs; PDF]
                      EmComm Basics  Pat Lambert/W0IPL, Colorado [120 pgs; PDF]


"CURRENT ISSUES IN EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS — EmComm for the new millennium"  by Jerry Boyd, K6BZ—24 pages; the role of Amateur Radio in assisting in emergency situations; the organization of a response team, working with different types of communication, different organizations, preparedness kits, training, media relations, and working with other radio services.   $3 PDF download

What Is a Communications Emergency?”—short article; orginally part of a training curriculum, but the site appears to be defunct  [PDF]

NATIONAL RESPONSE PLANational response Plan Quick Reference 27 pages (Imagine the full version!) —Quick Reference Guide  [PDF]


Antenna & Related ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave   [web]

NVIS—What it is and how to use it   [web]

Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) Antenna   [web]

STARC's Portable 80 Meter NVIS Antenna   [web]

Near-Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map  [web]

Antenna Trim Chart   [web]

Propagation—a dynamic collection of propagation information gathered from many different sources  [web]

D-Region Absorption Prediction  [web]

Equipment/Radio Boxes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Portable self-powered communications station  [web]

Portable Emergency Communications Station Ideas   [web]




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