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Section Manager
Paul Gayet, AA1SU

Assist. Section Manager
Matt Atwood, WE1H

Special Projects Officer
Jane English, KD6PCE

Civil Air Patrol Liaison
A.J. Murray, N1ZWL

Ralph Stetson III, KD1R

Affiliated Club Coord.
Allen Tinker, W1AAT

Official Observer Coord.
Linda Robinson, W1MP

Public Information Coord.
Chris Roy, KA1ZAD

Section Emergency Coord.
R. Conway, N1WWW

Assist. Sect'n Emergency Coord.
K. Walbridge, K1WAL

Technical Coord.
Mitch Stern, W1SJ

R. Conway, N1WWW


ARES Applications

To apply for ARES membership or an EC or DEC appointment, download the appropriate ARES Application, fill out the form and mail it to: Robin Conway, N1WWW, ARES SEC;  479 Tottingham Rd., Shoreham, VT 05770

VT ARES Communication Plan

ARRL Application

To apply for ARRL membership, and get a FREE Repeater Directory, click on the link below, fill out the application and mail it along with a check for the application fee (payable to ARRL) to:  Paul Gayet, AA1SU, ARRL Vt Section Manager;  11 Cherry Street, Essex Junction, VT 05452

Along with your membership, you’ll received a copy of the latest Repeater Directory, at no charge.

VT ARES Member Rosterfull VT ARES roster

Full listings; requires ID (all uppercase) and password (lowercase) to access


Spreadsheet of Vermont towns with county names and ARES Districts  [MS Excel]




Repeaters, Frequencies, & Nets

VT ARES Simplex Frequencies are: VHF146.490 (alt: 146.55, 146.58); and UHF446.10 (alt: 446.20)

RANV (Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont) maintains an excellent list of area repeaters.

List of currently active nets. Note that frequencies may be up or down from listed frequency, as necessary, also times may vary from what is stated here. If you know of an active net that might be of interest here, please send name/time/frequency to the Webmaster.

  • GMN                  Daily x-Sun 1700L      3934 kHz
  • VTNH                 Daily 1900L                3539 kHz
  • VTN (VPTN)      Daily 1930L                3857 kHz
  • CVTN                 Daily 2100L                146.880 MHz (-110.9)
  • GMWS/ARES     Mondays  1930L        147.045 MHz (- )
  • WRRC ARES      Monday 1930L          147.015 MHz (+ )
  • SOVARC/ARES  Monday 19:00 L        146.835 (-)
  • CEVESN            Sundays 0900L          145.410 MHz (-)
  • VEPN                 Sundays 0800L           3976 KHz
  • NY Emerg. Svce/SkyWarn Traffic Net       2x Daily  0730 & 1900L       145.110 MHz (+)
  • Northern NY Net  Sat 0900L, Sun 0830L 3958 kHz
  • NY Traffic Net      Daily 1800L                 3935 kHz
  • NH ARES Net      Saturdays 0830L       3943 kHz
  • SATERN (Eastern Territory)    Saturday 1400Z       7265 kHz
  • VT Emergency Freqs: ARES 3976 kHz / RACES 3980 kHz
                                         ARES 7275 kHz / RACES  7280 kHz



It is important that all emergency communicators maintain a minimum level of personal readiness. Included here are links to personal readiness information, go-kits, etc.

Also see the Resources page



  • ARRL ARES E-Letterrequires ARRL membership
  • EMCOMM Monthly—feisty, informative, intelligent email letter put out by; no longer published, but great material and archived issues available on their website.
  • VT ARES Email ReflectorThe VTARES Email Reflector is a moderated reflector, meaning that all messages for the group must be reviewed and approved prior to being forwarded on to the list. Therefore, it may take a number of hours before a post to the group will be distributed. The normal volume of traffic is pretty light, but in a deployment or emergency situation expect its use to increase, becoming a main communications venue within the ARES group.
    To subscribe to the VTARES Email Reflector, simply click on the “Subscribe” link and send the email that is generated. No additional subject or body text is necessary. You will receive an email shortly thereafter asking for confirmation of your request to join. You will be given two membership options:
           - Join the Group will provide you with the most features, while '
          - Join the Mailing List will simply provide you with a copy of all emails sent to the reflector.
    However, as VT ARES has a comprehensive web site, little use will be made of the Yahoo Group features other than the email reflector, so the recommendation is to 'Join the Mailing List' only.
          To un-subscribe from the VTARES Email Reflector, simply click on the “Unsubscribe” link and send the email that is generated. No additional subject or body text is necessary.

    Questions? Feel free to email the Reflector Moderator.


Short list of software programs/information of interest to many emcomm operators: